About me

I am a second-year student of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

My interests in CS areas are in programming language theory, type theory, compiler design, operating systems and low level computing, and hardware synthesis. I’m also interested in security, though mainly as a hobby.

My mathematical intrigues lie mostly in category theory and abstract algebra, as well of course in (meta-)logic.

Outside of the nerd life, I enjoy casual rowing, reading, and eclectic (read: bad) music.

About this site

This site is generated from a set of markdown files using Hakyll (and Pandoc), and served to you using Scotty and Warp. It’s hosted on a VPS from Contabo. I thoroughly recommend all of these.

The CSS I’m currently using is a modified tufte-css. This allows for the nice side and margin notes you can see throughout my site. To aid writing with this, I use pandoc-sidenote in my pandoc compiler to convert standard markdown footnote syntax into sidenotes and margin notes.

Any code snippets on this site are released into the public domain, except where otherwise noted. All art assets are my copyright, except where otherwise noted.